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All-in-One Hotel Management without the High Price Tag

Across Australia, people are increasingly choosing smaller, independently-run accommodation options over the big hotel chains, and who can blame them? Massive hotel towers can’t match the charm and intimacy of a smaller setting. These guests are more than happy to leave behind the crowded lobbies and long lines at reception…but they have grown accustomed to certain things that the big chains offer. They want the speedy, efficient booking options and the professional concierge service of the big hotels, delivered at a smaller scale for a reasonable price.

Manage your business with enterprise precision

Here at Cameron Facilities, we can make that happen, with a comprehensive all-in-one business solution for hotels, motels, bed & breakfasts, and other lodging options. From direct booking to luxury, white-glove concierge solutions, our 24/7 hotel management team has what it takes to keep your guests happy.

Tap into our Proprietary Property Management System Today

  • No-Commission Booking, Directly from Your Website
  • Update Rates/Availability Across 400+ Booking Sites Including Your Website and Facebook
  • Access Live Reservation Data + Check-In and Check-Out Times
  • View Revenue, Payments, and More in Real-Time

Put the data you need right at your fingertips with Cameron Facilities today.

Concierge Services for Luxury Apartment

Luxury Concierge Solutions

Whether you need white-glove concierge service for your hotel or a 24/7 concierge option for your luxury apartment building, Cameron Facilities is up to the task.

Ready to maximize the value of your property?

With an expert-level property management system and a team of skilled, trustworthy concierges, Cameron Facilities has what it takes to elevate your hotel or luxury apartment to the next level.

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